What’s happening in the Nursery?

The Upper River Torrens Landcare (URTLG) has been growing plants in various facilities since 2000. Inevitably our activity in the community results in finding people and sites needing native plants and it’s always great to have something on hand when nothing has been planned! Over the years we have revegetated demonstration sites, schools, public parks and private properties throughout our region.

Most recently our focus has been on repairing properties affected by bushfire and our efforts have exceeded the capacity of our shared nursery facilities at the Mt Pleasant Natural Resource Centre. Now that our external growing project has ceased, we continue to grow a variety of local species to ensure we can at least meet the needs of current project work.

Occasional working bees are held in in the nursery during December, January and February and usually focus on pricking out seedlings from ‘flats’ in our shadehouse into tubes which grow in full sun until they are ready for planting in winter.

If you want to volunteer in the nursery or help with planting days, become a member today and keep an eye on the upcoming events page.

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