The riparian lands within the Mount Lofty Ranges watershed form a key role in protecting our waterways and provide a diverse range of habitats for native plants and animals. They buffer the watercourses and form an important link between the aquatic environment and adjacent farming lands.

This was highlighted 1993 when the first edition of Watercourse Management: A Field Guide for the Mount Lofty Ranges became available. Published by the Upper River Torrens Landcare Group in partnership with the formerly known Catchment Water Management Boards (now Landscape SA Boards), Environment, Protection Agency formerly known as Watershed Protection Office and the former Mount Lofty Ranges Catchment Program, this document provided landholders with comprehensive information addressing some of the issues involved in improving management of watercourses.

There is no doubt this guide has significantly assisted landholders in protecting and restoring our natural ecosystems within the watershed for over 25 years, however it is recognised that land changes by some agricultural, urban, or recreational activities are continuing to degrade these achievements and that we need ongoing restoration activities to bring the rivers back to life. In addition, since the first edition other land management issues have evolved. For this reason, the revision of the 2003 hard copy version was undertaken in 2019-2020, funded by the Landscape SA Board Hills and Fleurieu and Upper River Torrens Landcare Group to produce this online version.

Some key features, new and updated in this 2020 edition include information on fire preparedness and post fire sediment control in watercourses, grazing pressure of pest herbivores and over-abundant species, farm dams, response to climate change, recognition of Aboriginal custodians and the addition and updating of references, resources and contacts. In addition, all fact sheets have been thoughtfully revised, updated and expanded to reflect current knowledge and management options.

We hope that this guide will serve you well in your challenge to protect and restore streams, rivers, and catchments within the Mount Lofty Ranges.

A field guide for the Mount Lofty Ranges

This section relates to the associated information contained throughout the main sections of Watercourse Management: A Field Guide for the Mount Lofty Ranges which include Introduction, Watercourse Planning and Resource Material.


Supporting documents that provide additional information and resources.

Resource material

This section provides specific information and datasheets on the key watercourse management issues and the actions and strategies for healthy creeks and rivers in the Mount Lofty Ranges.

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