Friends group at a working bee in Cromer Conservation Park

Previously known as ‘Friends of Cromer’, the Cromer Working Group is a small group but passionate and knowledgeable. Our work at Cromer Conservation Park has demonstrated that a few people can make a difference if the effort is sustained and strategic. (Penny Paton 2022).

Cromer is an extraordinary park, a small corner of remnant vegetation from a bygone era. Efforts by the group over 15 years have seen us get on top of gorse patches and control South African weed orchid, broom and African daisy. We have also tackled annual thistles, cape tulip and other weed threats. In fact, several ‘new’ weeds were discovered in 2021, showing how vital ‘eternal vigilance’ is with weeds. 

Register your interest if you wish to get involved with the volunteer group, and someone will be in touch with you.

We do encourage you to become a member of the URTLG to participate in the activities at Cromer Conservation Park.

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