1. General
    (a) Committee meetings are to be held in accordance with the URTLG Constitution (contact the Secretary for this document)
  2. Attendance by a URTLG member or other person who is not a committee member: (a) Request in writing stating purpose for attendance must be made to the Secretary a minimum of 3 days prior for URTLG general members or members of the public who wish to attend the next scheduled meeting. Acceptance of request will be made by the Secretary as appropriate; (b) Additionally, a member or other person who is not a committee member may attend a committee meeting if invited to do so by the chair or another committee member on behalf of the committee; (c) A person accepted or invited to attend a committee meeting:
    1. has no right to any agenda, minutes or other document circulated at the meeting.
    2. must not comment about any matter under discussion at the meeting unless invited by the Chairperson to do so.
    3. cannot vote on any matter that is to be decided at the meeting.
    4. may be required to be absent for certain agenda items if decided by the Chairperson or committee.
    5. must not discuss any confidential matters raised at the meeting with non-committee members.
    6. can be directed by the Chairperson to leave the meeting if they do not comply with this policy.
  3. Voting (a) Out of session votes and decisions can be accepted by email.

Revision 1 dated 13th February 2018