Porter Scrub Volunteer Action group members were treated to a fantastic early morning birding activity in the park, to target the Bassian Thrush, a threatened cryptic bird of the Mount Lofty Ranges. The last known sighting in Porter Scrub was in 2020 so we were keen to detect it again.

Unfortunately, our efforts were not rewarded but we saw and heard plenty of Common blackbirds with a similar call. However, we were rewarded with a gorgeous sunny morning and sighting 25 other bird beauties of the park, such as Scarlet robin (VU AMLR), White-throated Treecreeper, Elegant Parrot (Rare SA), Superb Fairywren, SA Western Whistler, Grey fantail, Dusky woodswallow, and the piercing calls of the Fan-tailed Cuckoo and Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoo.

Thank you to Phil Barron from Barron Environmental for leading the group, Friends of Parks for funding this activity under the Partnership Grant, and of course a big thanks to our dedicated volunteers for their attendance and keenness. We always end with refreshments and good chat.

The final activity at Porter Scrub is planned for Sunday 22nd October. So please get in touch with us, the URTLG, if you wish to join and become a member.

Photo credits to Liz Mattock