It’s that time of the year again following the breaking rains, to start your preparation to plant.

So where do you start?

Firstly, ensure the area is free from woody weeds.  If you haven’t been controlling them in the previous couple of years, your new plants will be outcompeted.

Next, check to see if the area has grassy weeds such as Phalaris, etc. Ideally, you need to spray out a halo to clear a site for each plant. This can be a circle of approximately 50cm round and will give your new plant the best possible chance.

Have you considered guarding your new plants? If you have rabbits, kangaroos or stock you will need to purchase suitable guards. Don’t waste your time going to all the effort of buying tube stock and planting if you aren’t going to protect them from grazing. Check out Arborgreen in Mt Barker for suitable guards.

Remember when you dig your hole, ensure it’s twice as wide as the plant and that you cover the soil from the tube, otherwise the plant will dry out. Pack the hole well so there are no air pockets to ensure soil contact. Make a well around your plant so it immediately has its own catchment and water.

Good luck with your revegetation projects.