We figured it was about time we, the Committee, introduced ourselves. So without further ado here’s a little bit about each of us, plus of course the obligatory mug shots …

Stephen Anderson – Chairman

“Would you like to help us (the Landcare group) collect native seeds?”

“Umm… sure, ”

I never looked back.

I hadn’t considered working in ‘Landcare’ after school but it quickly became obvious that this opportunity was a natural progression from the gardening, landscaping, tree planting and farming which I always enjoyed…. but it was more. A strong focus on people, the custodians of our ‘country’, makes ‘landcaring’ special and the projects make a positive improvement to our world.

I count myself lucky to have found a niche that has allowed me to work and volunteer in our community, planting, weeding, educating, instructing, nurturing and assisting custodians and volunteers, students and interested friends and neighbours!

I see a continuing role for the URTLG in fostering a closer and better relationship between people and the land.


Julie Hort – Treasurer

My husband Warwick and I have lived on a small property on the outskirts of Mt Torrens for over 30 years which was developed as a small landcare site in 1998.

With the help of URTLG we transformed this into a thriving area of around 2.5 hectares of E. obliqua woodland.

Unfortunately,  80% was lost in the Cudlee Creek fire but thanks to URTLG and state funding, we have managed to bring most of the area back to a reasonable state.  We continue to tend to our beautiful block which will slowly heal over time.

With many years as a bookkeeper specialising in rural accounting, I have the skills and experience to provide financial accountability to URTLG and enjoy my role as Treasurer.


Sage Tempest – Secretary

After a celebrated career in regulatory compliance in the energy-efficiency sector, Sage returned to study in 2024, commencing a Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Management with the broad goal of contributing to meaningful climate action. Having served on previous volunteer committees, they are a passionate believer in the power of community groups to initiate transformation at every scale, from interpersonal to international. Commencing as the secretary in May 2024, Sage is honoured by the opportunity and excited to contribute to the committee in achieving the goals of the Upper River Torrens Landcare Group. Sage has been living on Peramangk Country since 2021 and aims to live ethically and sustainably with respect for the Sovereign Custodians of the land.  


Matt Sackey – General committee member

I joined the URTLG after moving to the Birdwood area around 5 years ago. I live on a small acreage with some wonderful native habitat areas but also some significant weed problems, and working on both of these has led to a deep interest in Landcare, native flora and fauna, and habitat restoration. I believe we can make a difference to our local environment; individual Landcarers looking after their own little patch can collectively bring about landscape-wide change.


Nic Snadden – General committee member

Nic joined the URTLG while studying for the Conservation and Ecosystem Management Diploma through TAFESA. Nic joined initially to further Nic’s knowledge and experience by volunteering in the parks we support – Porter Scrub and Cromer. Spending time in these special places reawakened Nic’s passion for, and connection to, the land. 

Whilst Nic’s working background was primarily in administrative roles, Nic’s interests have always been nature-based; hiking, camping and all manner of general outdoorsy stuff usually with a dog or three at Nic’s heels.

Nic is here because Nic believes that everyone, no matter their background or where they live, has a part to play in tending to what is left of this beautiful land we live upon.